Why be a snob about whisky?

Whisky is the greatest drink in the world – the stuff of legend, of healing, of friendship and companionship. In old Gaelic it was literally “the water of life”. No other spirit offers such finesse, such elegance, such complexity or such value. With all the excellent choices available, no one should settle for a whisky they don`t enjoy. It just starts with knowing what is out there. You are in the perfect place, my fellow whisky lover.

There is an enthusiasm about whisky which did not exist 30 years ago, and which has enabled a great deal of research into what goes inside the cask. As a result, the quality of spirit now being bottled has never been higher. Generally, but not necessarily, the younger a whisky, the coarser, more cerealy flavoured it is going to be as it has not yet had time to lose its hard and youthful rough edges nor had time to assimilate softer, mature oak characters. Some whiskies such as Glen Grant or Glenfiddich only start to come into their own after 18 years, while Bourbons, Canadian or American ryes, Indian or Australian whiskies, because of their warmer maturation conditions, mature relatively quikcly. In fact it`s very unusual for these to survive in the cask much longer than 15 years simply because of the heat.

(John Lamond)