The value of the Scotch whisky

Aged whisky is valuable. Glenfiddich 50 Years Old, for example, is the second vatting (term of blending process) ever made. The first was produced from nine casks laid down between 1937 and 1939 by Glenfiddich founder David Grant – one for each grandchildren as a thank you for helping him build the distillery. The usual retail price for a bottle is about 12000 $, although in 2009 one sold at auction in New York for 38000 $.
Another very valuable whisky is the Dalmore 62 Years Old, which could be your drink of aspiration at 33000 £. Only 12 bottles were produced and one of these was bought – and drunk – in a hotel bar in London two years ago. Should you aquire one, please give me a shout when you breach the bottle if you feel in need of some good company.