Tastings in 2017

Our fourth and fifth edition of our Dramsylvania whisky tastings were held in 2017.

The main event was in May at the Continental Hotel in the heart of Targu Mures. A huge variety of whiskies (80+ types) awaited the more than 160 participants. Companies from Romania were repsresented by BDG, Rifco Trading (our whisky importer company), White Horse liquor store and Epoch liquor store.

From Scotland we had the guys from Stylish Whisky and Whisky Blender (the bottling company of our Dramsylvania whiskies)

In the main event we had 3 master classes, held by John Lamond and Robert Marshall (BDG) and the biggest variety of whiskies this far.(including two 34 y.o. Glen Albas) This was the first event, when the Dramsylvania blended malt was presented to the audience, and it had a great success instantly.

Catalin Rizea from Rifco explains the Dramsylvania tasting notes.

The White Horse stand was a great success.

John Lamond, our whisky guru at the masterclass.

Waiting for the people to have a sip.(WhiteHorse)

Some happy Dramsylvaniacs, Catalin Rizea (Rifco Trading), Robert Marshall (BDG) and Andy Davidson (WhiskyBlender)


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In the same year we organised a wee whisky tasting in the city`s medieval castle at a museum. As a part of a huge cultural festival called the Vásárhelyi Forgatag, the fifth Dramsylvania was one of a kind. With a limited number of only fifty participants, the tickets were sold out within a day and a half. Robert Marshall (BDG) held the only masterclass, and 35 types of whisky plus two types of Dramsylvania were available for tasting.

Gyuri, the co-founder of Dramsylvania at his Sylish Whisky stand.

Csaba, the co-founder of Dramsylvania at the Dramsylvania whisky stand.

Soma happy Dramsylvaniacs at the second event in 2017.

The Dramsylvania crew for the second event in 2017.

Mr. Robert Marshall at his masterclass…

… at the medieval castle`s museum.