Dramsylvania Blended Miniature

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Our Dramsylvania blended scotch in a wee bottle ideal for a tasting and for collectors.

Dramsylvania Blended: The real rock and roll scotch!

This blended scoth whisky was created with care in Scotland specially for this market in Transylvania. It`s wild and beatiful at the same time. We used the highest quality barley, the purest Scottish water and matured it in oak barrels. It`s a unique recipe created by a few scottish whisky professionals, who visit Transylvania since 2014. It`s a whisky for the party lovers, easy to drink and can be mixed with water, cola or it can be used in cocktails.  (Rob Roy, Penicillin, Modern No.2, Rusty Nail etc.)







Blended Scotch miniature | Country of origin: Scotland | Region: Speyside & Lowlands | Alc.Vol.: 40,0% | Bottle: 5 cl

Colour | Straw with pale gold highlights.

Nose | Medium-bodied and quite rich with ripe, red-skinned apples. The water pulls out a little peat and soft, oaky vanilla, a little marzipan and some liquorice.

Palate | Medium-dry, quite rich, soft and easy with a note of spicy cake or bread.

Finish | Of good lenght, rich, soft, a little cinnamon and very drinkable.



Tasting notes: John Lamond (Master of Malt)

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